Kvinnors bristande deltagande ett stort jämställdhetsproblem

Jämställdhetsfrågan fick sitt internationella genombrott för 25 år sedan när 189 länder enades om en handlingsplan för att stärka kvinnors rättigheter. Några år senare antog FN:s säkerhetsråd resolution 1325 om kvinnor, fred och säkerhet, som tog avstamp i handlingsplanen. 2020 har kallats ett jubileumsår för kvinnor rättigheter. Men var står jämställdhetsarbetet i världen idag?

2020-10-28 12:00

Våra samarbetsländer

FBA har i uppdrag att bidra till Sveriges bistånd i frågor som rör fred och säkerhet

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  • Skrivet av Annika Folkeson

    Avenues for accountability and participation: harnessing the power of the streets

    While much of the world awaits the upcoming US presidential elections in November, Iraq remains ensnared in its own deliberations over elections. Following the protests that escalated significantly in October 2019, the government resigned and early elections are now set for June 2021.

    The lack of jobs and public services, as well as rampant corruption, are among the grievances that have set off demonstrations across much of southern and central Iraq, as well as parts of Kurdistan ... Läs hela inlägget »

    2020-10-22 12:12
  • Skrivet av Minna Naucler

    ‘Defund the police’ and reforming the security sector

    In the midst of the pandemic, riots and unrest continues in the US over the recent cases of police brutality that resulted in the deaths of several African American individuals. While the Black Lives Matter movement continues to draw attention to the structural racism and inequalities of the American society, one of the slogans of the movement is ‘defund the police’ – seemingly meaning to disband or even abolish the police and give their funding to… ... Läs hela inlägget »

    2020-09-30 11:43
  • Skrivet av Rhodri Williams

    Civil society as a critical partner: rule of law and accountability in the Liberian COVID response

    The rule of law is broadly recognized as necessary for good governance, peace and security. The UN 2030 Agenda recognizes this dynamic in all countries, rich or poor. However, the impact of the rule of law – or its absence – is most strongly felt in countries struggling with conflict and crisis.

    As part of its work in Liberia, the FBA has supported local partners to apply rule of law principles in public administration. This reflects a ... Läs hela inlägget »

    2020-09-14 09:51

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Security Sector Reform for Practitioners

This booklet aims to provide the reader with a basic overview of security sector reform (SSR) as well as some initial insights necessary to engage in SSR programming.


Johanna Malm

Johanna är expert på Demokratiska republiken Kongo

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Stöd till civilsamhället

FBA delar ut bidrag till ideella organisationer som arbetar med fred och säkerhet

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