Europe's security high on the agenda under Swedish leadership

With a war raging in Europe, the EU's importance in the field of security and defence has increased. Ukraine is in focus during the Swedish presidency, as is a unified, engaged and effective EU. FBA contributes in a number of ways: the agency gives support to Ukraine and helps to develop the EU's civilian crisis management capabilities and to strengthen the EU as a global peace and security actor.

“We have increased our support for Ukraine and are working to strengthen the resilience of public institutions to be able to handle the consequences of war and succeed in preparing society for rebuilding. We are also helping to improve the conditions for Ukraine, as well as Moldavia and Georgia, to take steps to help these candidate states approach EU membership", says Per Olsson Fridh, Director General of FBA.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine demonstrates the mutual interdependence between internal and external security for Sweden and Europe. Russia’s breach of European security and its consequences for the region will remain high on the Swedish and European political agenda in the coming years. Russian aggression is also the reason for the establishment of a number of EU crisis management missions.

At present there are 21 missions within the framework of the EU's common security and defence policy, 12 civilian and 9 military. A total of 4,000 women and men from EU member states are taking part, to promote peace and security, create stability and strengthen resilience to conflict. Sweden is the country that contributes most personnel per capita.

“Over the years, FBA has seconded hundreds of experts to the EU crisis management missions. Our personnel mean that the missions can do their job. We also contribute our knowledge and policy development. Our experience and expertise have made a great contribution to the negotiations on a new civilian compact, which is currently being developed under the Swedish presidency. The compact is to strengthen and develop the EU's crisis management capabilities,” says Johanna Gårdmark, director of the Department for Peace Operations at FBA.

Another important task for FBA is to contribute to the EU's role as a global peace and security actor, which is another priority for the Swedish presidency, as well as to be a driving force for the implementation of the goals of the action plans of the so-called Strategic Compass. The EU role as a global actor is about the EU not acting alone but in coalition with others and its purpose is to strengthen partnership and international collaboration with NATO and the UN, among others. 

“The EU represents a platform for Sweden’s global commitment and a strong support to the UN as guarantor of international peace and security. When the member states act together, the EU becomes a strong and balanced force on the global arena and an important partner for the global south,” says Per Olsson Fridh.


Somalia's youth demand political influence

Individuals under 35 constitute three-quarters of Somalia's population, yet they have never participated in a national election. The hierarchical political system, based on clan affiliation and indirect elections, has long deprived Somali youth of influence and representation. A series of nationwide meetings with young Somalis has produced concrete reform proposals to enhance their political engagement.

2024-07-17 10:00

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On international deployment


FBA has both increased and adapted its work in Ukraine in the wake of Russia's invasion.

The War in Ukraine – How FBA is Assisting

FBA has both increased and adapted its work in Ukraine in the wake of Russia's invasion.

FBA in Ukraine
Klara Grenhagen works as a specialist at FBA's Africa unit with a focus on dialogue, reconciliation and peace processes.

Klara Grenhagen

Klara Grenhagen works as a specialist at FBA's Africa unit with a focus on dialogue, reconciliation and peace processes.

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