Afghan Women Leaders Forum

The EU-facilitated Afghan Women Leaders Forum was established in 2022 as a first step to ensure a structured and continuous platform for Afghan women from diverse backgrounds after the Taliban take-over on 15 August 2021. The aim is to ensure women’s active and meaningful participation in the dialogue about current developments and the future of Afghanistan. FBA supports the initiative together with the CMI-Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation as part of our implementation of the EU Afghanistan Peace Support Mechanism.

The forum includes a wide variety of Afghan women, civil society and political leaders and activists, lawyers, journalists, and representatives from the afghan women’s movement, both from within and outside of Afghanistan. 

On 10 March 2022, the forum was launched through a virtual meeting with almost 50 Afghan Women leaders joining from Afghanistan and different parts of the world.

A second hybrid meeting was held on 22 May where almost 60 Afghan women participated.

Press statement from the members of Afghan Women Leaders Forum 19-22 May.

Almost 60 Afghan Women Leaders reconvened on 8-10 November 2022 in Brussels for a third hybrid meeting of the Afghan Women Leaders’ Forum (AWLF), facilitated by the EU, as a continuation of the structured effort to provide a platform for Afghan women to participate and have their views considered in international policy dialogues on Afghanistan.

Press statement from the third hybrid meeting of Afghan Women Leaders Forum 8-10 November.


Colombia – A Success Story for Peace?

In 2024, global conflict levels are historically high. One country seemingly defying this trend is Colombia, which continues to take cautious steps towards a more peaceful development after nearly 60 years of conflict. Following the peace agreement with the FARC guerrilla in 2016, negotiations are now underway with the largest remaining guerrilla group, the ELN, as part of President Gustavo Petro's comprehensive peace project, Paz Total – total peace. But how well does the image of Colombia as a peaceful success story hold up, and what lessons can be drawn from the country's peace process?

2024-03-28 11:07

On international deployment

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FBA has both increased and adapted its work in Ukraine in the wake of Russia's invasion.

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FBA has both increased and adapted its work in Ukraine in the wake of Russia's invasion.

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