International and national actors working to promote peace in conflict and fragile settings face many challenges, and there is a great need for evidence-based knowledge concerning the most appropriate methods and tools for preventing and ending armed conflicts.

FBA conducts and promotes scientific research about peace, security and development. We also function as a bridge between research and practice.

We conduct research

FBA conducts scientific research in peace, security, and development. Our research is used both by FBA staff and our partners and therein increase the evidence-based nature of FBA’s work. At the same time, the close collaboration with FBA’s practioner work creates opportunities for synergistic research questions. At the present, we have two ongoing research projects, one on women peacebuilders and climate security, and one on early warning systems.

We promote research

FBA promotes research through our International Research Working Groups. Members are offered the opportunity to collaborate closely with practitioners working within their area of expertise. Members of the working groups can apply for research grants from FBA to conduct empirical, scientific research with high relevance for decision-making. We work to build-up the capacity of individual researchers, to promote both male and female researchers, and put a particular emphasis on working with researchers from the Global South.

We are a bridge between research and practice

FBA is a knowledge-based organisation. Our staff use research in all phases of their work and combine it with their expertise and contextual analyses to achieve the best result.

Through our International Research Working Groups, we ensure that our work has a direct link to researchers, who in turn can give advice about contextual analysis, relevant scholarly literature, and additional research contacts.

FBA staff has access to databases with up-do-date scientific literature as well as the research we conduct and promote. We educate our staff on how research is best applied in their work, and we make relevant research accessible to practitioners at partner organizations through our tailored FBA Research Briefs.

We also create meeting places between researchers and practitioners, both FBA staff and those at partner organizations through, for instance, research seminars.

Receive information about research from FBA

Contact FBA to receive e-mails about FBA's research with information about, for example, new research publications and application deadlines for research groups:

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Ukraine's future: Sweden's role and international support two years after the invasion

Two years after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the world is witnessing a nation defined by resilience and determination to build a better future. "The continued support of the EU and Sweden plays a crucial role for long-term peace and security in Ukraine," says Johanna Gårdmark, Head of the FBA's new Ukraine Unit.

2024-02-23 09:07

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This insider’s view gives a first-hand account of the Afghan peace process between the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban between 2001 and 2021.

Baryalai Helali


FBA has both increased and adapted its work in Ukraine in the wake of Russia's invasion.

The War in Ukraine – How FBA is Assisting

FBA has both increased and adapted its work in Ukraine in the wake of Russia's invasion.

FBA in Ukraine
Camilla is our expert on Colombia and AIDI

Camilla Riesenfeld

Camilla is our expert on Colombia and AIDI

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