Youth, peace and security

By the adoption of resolution 2250 and its following resolutions, The UN Security Council recognizes that young people are important and prioritized actors for the promotion of sustainable peace and security.

Even though young women and men often make up a large part of the population in countries affected by conflict, they are rarely allowed to participate in peacebuilding processes or granted influence over decisions that affect their lives. Opinions about young people are often limited and simplified: they can be considered victims without abilities, which is typically the case for young women, or violent troublemakers, which is typically the case for young men. Although most young people never take part in or become affected by violent actions, these stereotypes continue to exist.

The purpose of the youth, peace and security agenda is to give young people a greater voice in peacebuilding and conflict management and work against norms and power structures related to age.

The participation and influence of young people in peace and reconciliation processes is a matter of rights, legitimacy, and sustainability. Protecting the rights of young women and men and enabling them to participate meaningfully in society overall is essential for societies’ resilience against conflict, for human security, and sustainable peace.

What does the FBA do?

  • Training and advice
    FBA offers training and advice on youth, peace and security through handbooks, educational resources, and mentorships, mainly for counsellors and focal points within the UN or other professionals working with youth, peace and security.  


”Peace can no longer be taken for granted - we should all realize that and do more to defend it."

Since 2018, Fredrik Wesslau has been seconded by FBA to the EU advisory mission in Ukraine ­(EUAM). In the role as Deputy Head of Mission, he is part of leading the organization's daily work and strategic direction.

2022-09-29 14:51

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