Launch of FBA’s peace-building programme in Congo

FBA is now launching a peace-building programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The 24 participants have been selected on the basis of their ability to influence the development in the war-torn eastern parts of the country.

2017-03-20 09:10

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Protection of Civilians – Implementation in UN Peace Operations

In light of the new policy by the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations on protection of civilians (POC), this brief looks at the latest operationalization of POC in field missions by civilians, military and police.

Anna-Linn Persson



  • Posted by Ludmila Ceban

    Entitlement to equal and fair governance

    Growing up in a post-soviet environment, you see how lengthy and cumbersome service delivery is when you deal with government authorities. You see that mechanisms for appeal are hardly a threat to bureaucracies. And you tolerate it, because the demand for accountability is typically low and it’s not like your rights and entitlement to fair and responsible administrations are spelled out to you in post-soviet schools either. At least that wasn’t the case in my school. ... Read entire post »

    2017-02-14 11:34
  • Posted by Robert Blair

    Peacekeeping, policing and the rule of law in Liberia – a rocky relationship

    Effective, legitimate police forces are widely viewed as necessary for sustained peace, good governance and economic growth. In post-conflict settings, however, many citizens (rightly) perceive the police as corrupt, biased, inept and inaccessible. As a result, they often seek redress for grievances through illegal or extrajudicial mechanisms, like vigilantism and mob violence. Meanwhile, crime and violence persist at the local level as these countries make the sometimes rocky transition to national peace.

    These dynamics raise a number ... Read entire post »

    2017-01-09 12:03
  • Posted by Ludmila Ceban

    A chance to fix a broken social contract

    We finished counting the votes in the historical presidential poll in Moldova close to midnight. Although no long queues were expected at the Moldovan Embassy in Stockholm – the only designated voting section for Sweden, Norway and Finland – we were pleasantly surprised with the turnout of the roughly 550 registered Moldovans in the three Nordic countries[1] beating its record in the first round of elections on 30 October 2016.

    A drop in the sea, one might ... Read entire post »

    2016-11-02 18:17

Maria Nystedt

Maria is expert on Libya, Afghanistan and rule of law

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