From Sanaa to Sandö – a chat on mediation

The FBA and the UN have collaborated on dialogue and mediation trainings since 2006 and the joint venture has developed into a yearly FBA-led course for UN staff in the area of dialogue and mediation. Omar Aboud is one of this year’s participants and takes a break from the Yemen peace talks to spend a week at Sandö, Sweden.

2016-05-04 11:15

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Governance, Peacebuilding and State-Society Relations

This meeting brief summarizes the presentations and discussions that took place during the seventh International Expert Forum (IEF) that aimed to assess the state of the art in knowledge and practice at the crossroads of governance and peacebuilding, and to unpack the state-society relationship in a way that could help to inform stronger policymaking in consolidating peace and building inclusive and ultimately more resilient societies.

Isa Li Axberg



  • Posted by Richard Sannerholm

    No functionality without legality

    From actors to institutions

    It’s official, institutions are back in peacebuilding and development after having played an ambivalent role for some time. While seen as important for conflict prevention and post-conflict reconstruction, there has also been a prevailing idea that attending too much to institutions is problematic, and that institutional reform means top-down, technical, elite-centred approaches, lacking in inclusiveness and public participation. A result of this notion was to focus on ‘actors’ and ‘stakeholders’, as the development ... Read entire post »

    2016-03-16 12:05
  • Posted by Shane Quinn

    The Sustainable Development Goals and the Rule of Law – Confirming the Inevitable?

    September 2015 was a big month in terms of reshaping the development discourse and sharpening the focus of the much maligned Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). And not a moment too soon. What we got were 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are intended to pave the way for more measurable outcomes that are grounded in specific objectives related to security, human rights, governance and the rule of law. The SDGs are effectively about unambiguous objectives rather ... Read entire post »

    2015-12-17 13:05
  • Posted by Andreas Berg

    Reform is neither a marathon nor a sprint race—it’s both

    ​In international missions and post conflict environments—as in so many other areas of life—it is often easier to start something than to finish it. The start of a new project or mission tends to elicit, among those of us who love this work, excitement, curiosity, and eagerness to make a difference in a new setting. Indeed, stepping into unknown territory, everything seems possible. New initiatives are also those we tend to hear the most about in the media, whether it’s ... Read entire post »

    2015-11-18 15:15

Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs

Mimmi is expert on conflict resolution, peace processes and democratization after armed conflict

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