Application is open for the Zaida Catalán scholarship in support of women, peace and security

FBA is now welcoming applications for the 1325-scholarship in support of women, peace and security in memory of Zaida Catalán. The scholarship targets young peacebuilders at the beginning of their career, with a confirmed strong dedication to the women, peace and security agenda and efforts for gender equality. The application is open until February 15, 2023.

The scholarship was established in 2020 in memory of Zaida Catalán, who was tragically murdered in 2017 during an UN-led mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). During the years 2011 and 2016, she was seconded from FBA to several international peace operations where she served as gender expert. 

For one year, the selected scholarship holders will have the opportunity to gain experience within the field of women, peace and security and contribute to the promotion of peace and security at a civil society organization in Afghanistan, the DRC or Palestine – the countries where Zaida Catalán was on secondment from FBA.

In addition, the scholarship holders will take part in capacity building and training offered by FBA.

Applicants are required to have two years of relevant work experience from the local context. They should also have the intention to serve as agents of change after the scholarship, to continue promoting women, peace and security on the ground. 

For the third round, with placement in 2023, the FBA accepts applications for scholarships in the DRC, Palestine, and Afghanistan with placement in Pakistan.

Due to the current security situation in Afghanistan, many people working on the women, peace and security agenda, have left the country. During the autumn, FBA has therefore investigated the possibility of collaborating with an organisation in a neighboring country to host an Afghan scholarship holder.

– By providing support to a person in the Afghan diaspora in Pakistan, we assess that it can improve the prospects for the scholarship holder to continue the work in line with the agenda 1325 in Afghanistan once the security situation allows, says Marianne Boqvist, head of the program for YPS and support to civil society at the conflict prevention unit at FBA. 

Read more about the scholarship and get access to the application process.

”Our rights are not a favor given to us” – Nathalie Ndimubanzi from the DRC writes on the FBA-blog about her experiences as one of the first scholarship holders.

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New holders of the 1325-scholarship for women, peace and security

Three new peacebuilders from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Pales-tine and Afghanistan have been selected as this year’s recipients of the schol-arship in support of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. For the first time, the scholarship, established in the memory of Zaida Catalán, is awarded to women from all three countries where Catalán worked as seconded from FBA.

2023-05-17 11:23

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