Cooperation between FBA and NDI to strengthen Moldova's public administration

FBA and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) initiates a cooperation to strengthen Moldova's public administration and promote the country's prospects for future EU accession. The initiative focuses on training Moldovan civil servants and preparing them to act as agents of change within their respective ministries.

How does governance, cooperation and reform work in the Swedish public administration and how is the rule of law applied? Twenty civil servants from various ministries and two state secretaries from the Moldovan State Chancellery Office are visiting Sweden this week to explore and learn more about the Swedish model. The study visit includes training and exchange of experience with FBA staff in Stockholm and Sandö, as well as visits to other Swedish authorities and ministries.

The study visit takes place within the framework of FBA's cooperation with NDI in Moldova. As in many other countries, NDI in Moldova works with the national government and civil society to strengthen democratic institutions, promote good governance and engage citizens in political processes.

– Our cooperation with NDI is based on a shared understanding that strong democratic governance is central to Moldova's future stability. We quickly landed on the approach where FBA supports with both thematic expertise and the implementation of an exciting new pilot programme, SPRINT (International Civil Service Training Programme), says Cecilia Sternemo, Senior Officer at the Rule of Law Programme, FBA.

The Moldovan State Chancellery plays a leading role in the SPRINT programme, which aims to strengthen the skills of Moldovan civil servants and create change agents within the ministries. It ultimately aims to support the implementation of Moldova's civil service reform strategy adopted in 2023.

FBA has been in continuous dialogue with NDI and the Moldovan State Chancellery since last spring, providing expertise and advice on governance and public administration issues.

– Moldova's public administration needs a stronger focus on people's needs, and that is something Swedien is quite good at. FBA's training is world-class, and so is NDI's standard as the world's largest democracy assistance organisation. Democracy is being challenged globally, and we who are democrats must stick together, says Martin Ängeby, Director General of NDI in Moldova.

Reforms and resilience on the road to EU-membership   

The cooperation between FBA and NDI is an important step in promoting reform and governance in Moldova. By training and equipping Moldovan civil servants with the necessary skills and knowledge, the cooperation is expected to help create a modern, resilient and efficient civil service that can support the country's EU membership aspirations.   

– Republic of Moldova has chosen the path of European integration and is strengthening its capacities to align with European standards. We need a strong public administration and institutions, and the example of Sweden, a country with efficient public administration, will help us advance the reforms in this direction, says Ana Calinici, State Secretary of the Moldovan State Chancellery Office.  

The training package offered by FBA includes assigning mentors to participants and supporting them in developing and implementing action plans. Participants will immerse themselves in topics such as governance, accountability, transparency and professional ethics. 

– We have tailored a training course that goes beyond theoretical learning – it equips Moldovan civil servants with practical tools for analysis and policy development, professional ethics and self-leadership, enabling them to drive reforms within their ministries, ultimately contributing to Moldova's EU integration, says Hanna Högberg, Senior Officer at the Security Sector Reform Programme, FBA.   

Learn more about the SPRINT programme, launched by the Moldovian authorities, with the support of the National Democratic Institute of Moldova: 


Read more about FBA's support to Moldova: 

How can the EU, Sweden and FBA strenghten Moldova? 



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