Call for members for FBA’s international research working groups

In order to strengthen its evidence-based work on peace, security and development, FBA is currently looking for scholars from around the globe who want to leverage their knowledge to inform the programming and policy work of FBA and its partners as members of FBA’s international research working groups.

Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) is Sweden’s government agency for peace, security and development. FBA supports international peace operations and development cooperation by conducting training and research, providing analysis and advice, seconding experts and supporting civil society organizations in different countries.

FBA's international research working groups act as a bridge between the research world and FBA's work, including by being available for advice, giving research presentations and publishing practitioner-oriented summaries of their research in FBA Research Briefs.

FBA is currently inviting applications from scholars in the social and political sciences to join our international research working groups. Deadline extended 14 May 2023.

The membership in itself is non-remunerated, but FBA offers members the opportunity to apply for research funding. Members will also be added to a consultancy pool from which FBA may commission paid consultancy work such as analyses and reports.

Members will also be offered regular opportunities to engage with other research working group members, FBA practitioners and FBA partners.

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Call for members

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Navigating Risks and Threats: Frontline Monitors Equipped for Hostile Environments

Amidst the perils of explosive devices, hostilities, and distressing civilian accounts, frontline monitors play a pivotal role in documenting human rights abuses within conflict zones. However, these monitors themselves confront significant stress and danger, requiring adept navigation of challenging circumstances to safeguard their own well-being as well as the safety of the vulnerable populations they serve. How can they adequately prepare?

2023-08-16 15:14

On international deployment

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FBA Paper - SSR, Elections and Gender Equality in Post-Conflict Environments

This paper discusses the interlinkages between Security Sector Reform (SSR), elections, and gender equality. It uses FBA’s work in Somalia to show how gender-sensitive election security can serve as an entry point for working with inclusive SSR in an environment characterized by instability, conflict, and political unrest.

Paulina Schaber


FBA has both increased and adapted its work in Ukraine in the wake of Russia's invasion.

The War in Ukraine – How FBA is Assisting

FBA has both increased and adapted its work in Ukraine in the wake of Russia's invasion.

FBA in Ukraine
Camilla är expert on Colombia and AIDI

Camilla Riesenfeld

Camilla är expert on Colombia and AIDI

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