Palestinian diplomats learn from Swedish experiences

The FBA has launched a two-year training programme for Palestinian officials, on practical aspects of diplomatic affairs. The programme started with a high-level seminar on 26–28 April in Ramallah, inaugurated by the FBA Director-General, Sven-Eric Söder, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Palestine, Riad al-Malki.

 The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has written a blog post about the seminar.

Three retired Swedish ambassadors participate in the training programme to share their professional experiences and to serve as mentors for the Palestinian participants.

Listen to Dr. Amal Jadou, Head of the European Department at the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and one of the Swedish former ambassadors, Sven-Olof Petersson, share their thoughts on last week’s high-level seminar. Karin Limdal, who is currently writing a handbook for communication advisers for the FBA, facilitates the interview.




Making the voices of the Afghan people heard in the peace talks between the Taliban and the government

Historic peace talks between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban movement have just begun. But how will the voices of the Afghan people be brought to the negotiation table? A new platform, run by the Afghan civil society with practical support from the FBA and funding from the EU, will bring together the concerns and desires of the Afghans, and transmit them to the negotiators.

2020-09-16 10:05

On international deployment

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Mitigating Election Violence through Dialogue and Mediation in West Africa

This brief discusses the role that dialogue and mediation training can play in addressing electoral violence, a serious problem to human life and democracy in many countries. Over fifty percent of the African states have experienced electoral violence since the 1990s.




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