”I want to find a way for us to live in peace and freedom”

Nathalie Ndimubanzi, 24 years, reside in Goma and studies to become a medical doctor.

This year she will join the Kvinna till Kvinna team in Bukavu, where the organization is present since 2009 to prevent sexual violence and promote women’s rights. DRC is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women.

Nathalie is a devoted promoter of gender equality and women’s rights. As the leader of a youth club she has worked with outreach advocacy to inform young people about sexual and reproductive health, and a special concern of hers is to improve the care for victims of sexual violence.

She wants to guide other young people, who have lived through war and violence, in peacebuilding and conflict resolution.  

How do you want to contribute to the work with women, peace and security at Kvinna till Kvinna?

– I understand the needs among youths and adolescents and have experience of community mobilization. I want to share my experiences as a young woman in a society where women’s rights are not respected, and bring back my learnings about peace and security to my community.

Where does your commitment come from?

– I am the last born in my family and the only one of us children who could advance at school. When I was younger I wanted to study electronics science, but the school offering this education did not accept women. Then I decided to fight for my rights and defend all girls and women’s right to make their own choices in life.

What does the scholarship mean to you?

– Lack of security is part of daily life in my community and many women are subject to gender based violence. I want to fight against this, do my best to save those who have endured violence, and find a way for my community to live peacefully. The scholarship helps me progress towards my goal: to mobilize young people of my country and teach them what I have learned so that we together can find solutions to our problems.

What do you aim for in the future?

– My goal is to become an expert in the gender equality domain. Then I could be of use to my country and other countries that experience the same problems as DRC.



The Swedish Women’s Mediation Network is expanding

Seven new members have been elected to the Swedish Women’s Mediation Network. The network was established by the Swedish government in 2015 and is coordinated by FBA. The mediation network now consists of 21 Swedish women with extensive experience in dialogue and peace mediation.

2021-11-10 14:34

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