Research Grants

Each year the FBA funds research projects within the field of peace, security and development. The research grants aim to promote empirical, policy-relevant studies.

Since 2005 the FBA has supported approximately 100 research projects, among them data collections, surveys and experimental studies. The research grants have enabled the publication of a number of scientific papers, books and articles of importance to international policy development within the field of peace and security.

Funds are granted once a year and members of FBA’s research working groups can apply. The applications are evaluated by a committee, composed of senior researchers and practitioners.

2017 research grants

During 2017, FBA has granted a total of 2.4 million SEK to 11 research projects. Click here to find a summary of the researchers and projects that have been granted funds.

Social Networks and Reduction of Recidivism in Colombia
Cyrus Samii, New York University

Women, Peace and Security: What are the Mechanisms?
Dara Kay Cohen, Harvard University

Closed Doors or Open for Talks? Civil Society Actors in Peace Negotiations
Desirée Nilsson, Uppsala University

Civil War Ceasefires – A Data Collection Project
Govinda Clayton, Centre for Security Studies, ETH Zürich

Conflict Prevention 2.0: Preventing ‘transjihadization’ of Islamist Armed Conflicts
Isak Svensson, Uppsala University

A Gender Perspective on Civilian Ceasefire Monitoring and Protection in Myanmar
Jana Krause, University of Amsterdam

The Local Legacies of International Crisis: The Dynamics of Gender Inequality and Social Tension during Threatening Times
Kyle Beardsley, Duke University

Managing Inclusion for Sustainable Peace Through Constitutional Implementation
Pip  Nicholson, Melbourne Law School

After Exit: Assessing the Consequences of UN Peacekeeping Withdrawal
Richard Caplan, University of Oxford

Understanding the Protection and Prevention Pillars of UNSCR 1325: Data Collection on Sexual Violence in Liberia
Sabrina Karim, Cornell University

Protection Norms: Understanding Changes in Gender Roles after Armed Conflict in Eastern DR Congo
Summer Lindsey, Colombia University


FBA at the Almedalen Week 2018

During this year’s Almedalen Week in Visby, Sweden, the FBA will organize a series of seminars in the area of peace, security and development.

2018-06-19 17:44

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Una perspectiva de género en la construcción de la paz

This training manual has been developed to provide an introduction in Spanish to the policy framework on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325) and its follow-up resolutions on women, peace and security.

Gabriela Elroy



  • Posted by Ludmila Ceban

    Conflict resources and the rule of law

    Over 40 per cent of all intrastate conflicts have a link to natural resources and, while it is not new evidence as such, less than a quarter of peace negotiations actually aim to resolve conflicts by addressing resource management mechanisms. By the same token, links to natural resources are rarely included in the design of peacekeeping operations or even conflict analysis to start with.

    The risks for relapse are furthermore twice as high for conflicts associated with ... Read entire post »

    2018-05-18 14:04
  • Posted by Ben Rhee

    Challenges Forum: A platform for improving peace operations

    Recently I joined the team at the International Secretariat of the Challenges Forum, or to give its full name: The International Forum for the Challenges of Peace Operations. Challenges Forum, CF for short, is a global partnership of 49 leading organizations and departments working on peace operations, representing 22 countries from across all regions of the global North and South.

    Established in 1996, the aim of CF is to improve peace operations by identifying the critical challenges ... Read entire post »

    2018-05-03 09:11
  • Posted by Markus Derblom

    Time for the Vikings to set sail again

    In just about a week, the Viking-18 exercise will start. In rough figures, around 3000 people (out of which some 300 are civilians), of 60+ nationalities, will meet across nine international sites to do a multinational, joint and civil-military exercise. It is the grand finale of almost two years of hard work by a dedicated group of individuals from many nations and organizations, including FBA, which has the role of facilitating and coordinating the civilian strands ... Read entire post »

    2018-04-10 14:25

Stefan Åström

Stefan Åström is expert on Latin America and disarmament of ex-combatants

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