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On this page we have collected material from the exercise that took place in 16-26 April 2018.

General Anders Brännström, Exercise Director from the Swedish Armed Forces, and the Deputy Exercise Director Markus Derblom from FBA, talk about their roles in Viking 18 and what it means to have a comprehensive approach.


Pictures from the opening ceremony of Viking 18 at site Enköping. Speakers were General Dennis Gyllensporre, Admiral Kevin D. Scott and FBA's Markus Derblom.

Apart from the role-plays, Viking 18 also offered training in the margins to improve the participant's mutual understanding when difficult challenges need to be solved in peace operations. Here is a crash course about Pecha Kucha by FBA's Philippa Borgh!


Meat a team that has developed a fruitful cooperation on leadership and gender issues. Anu Mundkur from ACFID/ACMC shares the best practices that Jo Adamson from the EU has provided her with.


Pictures from HRH Crown Princess Victoria's visit to site Enköping. The Crown Princess was welcomed by General Anders Brännström, director for the military part of the exercise, and Markus Derblom, FBA, director for the civilian part of the exercise.

To the Swedish Armed Forces reports from Viking 18


Intensified support to the peace process in Mali

The peace process in Mali is fragile and the security situation remains difficult in large parts of the country, not the least for women. FBA supports Mali’s newly-established regional dialogue and mediation teams, and offers gender mainstreaming training for key state officials involved in the peace process.

2019-04-24 10:41

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Executive Summary: Report on UN-FBA joint Learning Forum on Youth, Peace and Security

On 5-7 December 2018, FBA hosted a joint UN learning forum on youth, peace and security. This is an executive summary of the forum that was held at the island of Sandö, Sweden.




  • Posted by Linda Forsberg

    Achieving gender equality in UN peacekeeping – a lot like building new doors

    When you visualise a door, what do you see?

    To me, the image of a closed door has similarities to gender equality and UN peacekeeping. Let me explain.

    UN Secretary-General António Guterres aims to achieve gender equality throughout the UN system by 2028. He is actively prioritising to change the inverse relationship across the UN system between seniority and women’s representation – the higher the grade, the larger the gap in gender parity. Particular attention is directed towards ... Read entire post »

    2019-04-18 10:54
  • Posted by Julia Kempny

    Peace and life – or nabad iyo nolol in Somali

    Acute vertigo kicked in as I stepped off the helicopter and my feet touched solid ground for the first time after six days at sea, and I realized that my job as Political Adviser to the EU Capacity Building Mission in Somalia (EUCAP Somalia) was beyond that of a normal desk job.

    The helicopter had departed from an Italian warship off the coast of Mogadishu where I had spent the better part of a week sailing up ... Read entire post »

    2019-04-10 11:18
  • Posted by Ludmila Ceban

    Elections aside, more focus on the rule of law needed in Ukraine

    During the presidential elections in Ukraine on March 31, 2 690 violations of the electoral law were reported to the police. The Central Electoral Commission received over 130 complaints. But the appeals, complaints and their effectiveness haven’t necessarily made the headlines in the view of the actual election results.

    The type of complaints, however, coupled with over 80 investigations on vote-buying, questionable campaign financing, and the manipulation of administrative resources at the national and local level, are ... Read entire post »

    2019-04-05 11:04

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