Members of the Swedish Women’s Mediation Network

For a full presentation of each member, click here. (this presentation does not include the members elected in November 2021)


Agneta Johansson

Areas of expertise: Middle East, Western Balkans, rule of law and justice sector reform in post-conflict countries and transitional settings, gender justice, human rights, humanitarian law
Languages: Swedish, English

Portrait of dr Angela Muvumba Sellström

Dr Angela Muvumba Sellström

Areas of expertise: UN Security Council processes; the African Union and regional economic communities/mechanisms; peacekeeping; conflict-related sexual violence; women, peace and security.
Languages: English


Ann Dismorr

Areas of expertise: Turkey, Middle East, Africa, human rights, humanitarian affairs, counter-terrorism, mediation support, peace talks
Languages: Swedish, English, French

Portrait of Annika Söder

Annika Söder

Ambassador Annika Söder is the Chair of the European Institute of Peace. She is also a member of the Swedish Women’s mediation network, and a member of the group of eminent persons appointed by the UN Secretary General to assist in the 2020 review of UN peace building. She served as State Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Sweden between 2014 and 2019.


Birgitta Holst Alani

Areas of expertise: Middle East and North Africa (especially Egypt, Iraq and Syria), women peace and security, post-conflict reconciliation, reconstruction and development, Intra-Syrian peace talks in Geneva facilitated by the UN
Languages: Swedish, English, Arabic, basic French and German


Charlotta Sparre

Areas of expertise: Middle East, North Africa, human rights, women, peace and security, leadership
Languages: Swedish, English, French

Porträtt av Chris Coulter

Dr Chris Coulter

Areas of expertise: process design, conflict analysis, mediation and negotiation.
Languages: English, French


Helena Gröndahl Rietz

Areas of expertise: Great Lakes Region, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Sudan/Darfur, Jordan, European security policy and defence cooperation, international peace operations, security and intelligence
Languages: Swedish, English, French, Italian

Portrait of Jessica Poh-Janrell

Jessica Poh-Janrell

Areas of expertise: Women’s rights, civil society participation in peacebuilding, holistic approach to the WPS-agenda, and feminist foreign policy.
Languages: English, basic Spanish


Ingrid Tersman

Areas of expertise: Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia, Afghanistan, OSCE, security policy, leadership
Languages: Swedish, English, German, basic French


Karin Landgren

Areas of expertise: South and Southeast Asia (especially Nepal, India and Myanmar), East and West Africa (especially Burundi, Liberia and Great Lakes Region), the Balkans, UN peacekeeping, women, peace and security, ceasefire agreements, disarmament, security sector reform, human rights, leadership
Languages: Swedish, English, French, Japanese, basic Farsi and German


Lena Nordström

Areas of expertise: Latin America (especially Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile and Peru), Zambia, Liberia, human rights, women, peace and security, leadership
Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish, basic French


Lena Sundh

Areas of expertise: Angola, Great Lakes Region, Cambodia, Namibia, Nepal, Thailand, ceasefire negotiations, peacekeeping, women, peace and security
Languages: Swedish, English, French, Portuguese

Portrait of Lotta SJöström Becker

Lotta Sjöström Becker

Areas of expertise: Conflict analysis, conflict transformation, inclusive peace processes, and security sector reform.
Languages: English, basic Spanish


Maria Leissner

Areas of expertise: Central America, West Africa and Sahel, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iraq, democracy, human rights, minority policy, leadership, security policy, disarmament
Languages: Swedish, English, French, Spanish


Marie Jacobsson

Areas of expertise: Gender aspects of international law, dispute settlement, international cooperation, international humanitarian law, international environmental law, law of the sea, boundary delimitation, regional security
Languages: Swedish, English


Marika Fahlén

Areas of expertise: Horn of Africa, global patterns of violent conflict and state fragility
Languages: Swedish, English, French

Portrait of MArgareta Wahlström

Margareta Wahlström

Areas of expertise: Conflict and non-conflict emergencies, long-term issues of sustainable development
Languages: English, French and Spanish

Portrait of Ola Saleh

Ola Saleh

Areas of expertise: Inclusive mediation support, peacebuilding, Women Peace and Security agenda, and leadership.
Languages: English, Arabic, basic Russian

Portrait of Rosaline Marbinah

Rosaline Marbinah

Areas of expertise: Democracy, human rights, human security, civil society, and UNSCR 2250.
Languages: English, basic Arabic

Portrait of Tove Ivergård

Tove Ivergård

Areas of expertise: Conflict prevention, civil society, and feminist analysis.
Languages: English 


Young Peace-Leaders Promoting Dialogue in Liberia

In March 2022, FBA and its partners met with 24 young Liberian peace-leaders in the north-eastern city of Ganta. These youths have become skilful in preventing and resolving local conflicts and contributing to peace in their communities - as part of the FBA's Conflict Prevention Leadership Programme (CPLP).

2022-04-25 15:35

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Falling short: Exploring mediation effectiveness

On 22 November 2021, the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) held a half-day colloquium in Stockholm, involving 17 mediation specialists and FBA staff members, who participated in-person and by virtual means. Matt Waldman, an Associate of the Centre for International Studies at Oxford University, was invited to present on issues emerging from his ongoing research on mediation effectiveness.




Jens Samuelsson Schjørlien

Jens Samuelsson Schjørlien is expert on leadership and cooperation in peace operations

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