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Deadline for applications for grants to projects during 2018 has passed. The decision will be communicated in February 2018. Applications for projects during 2019 will open in the autumn 2018.
  • Funds can only be granted for projects that are consistent with the OECD/DAC guidelines for official development assistance (ODA) in conflict and post-conflict countries.
  • The maximum term of a granted project is 15 months. Applications seeking to extend or develop projects that have been granted funding earlier may be submitted.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the decision, projects that are granted funding are to be launched within two months of the decision.
  • Projects already undertaken at the time of application will not be granted funding.
  • FBA prioritizes projects focusing on promoting women’s participation in issues concerning peace and security and strengthening the capacity of local women’s organizations and/or local women’s groups.

Your organization/foundation must also meet the criteria set out below.

Swedish and international non-profit organizations shall:

  1. be democratically structured, have active members, an elected board of directors, statutes, and hold regular meetings;
  2. be registered in the country where the organization has its headquarter;
  3. have non-profit or cooperative goals, and work towards a society based on democratic principles;
  4. have conducted activities for at least two years and have documented this in the annual report and annual accounts;
  5. have worked in the receiving country, directly or through a partner organization, for at least one year;
  6. have met its obligations for grants received earlier, for example regarding reporting.

A foundation may receive grants if criteria 2-6 above are met, but should also:

  1. be a democratically structured organization deeply rooted in democratic society and characterized by the values ​​of democracy and openness towards stakeholders and the public;
  2. be able to specify the reasons why the foundation form was chosen;
  3. have statutes that allow for transparency;
  4. have a board that is appointed for a specific term of office;
  5. be registered with the County Board or equivalent.

Below is a document giving details on the application procedure, and a document with complete conditions for the grants. Below you will also find the application form and the budget template to be used.

Applications, including the required attachments, must be sent both by mail and e-mail.

Postal address (signed copy):
Folke Bernadotte Academy
Ref: 1325-projects
SE-872 64 Sandöverken

E-mail (electronic copy):

Any questions?

Please note that FBA cannot provide advanced feedback to individual questions concerning specific applications. For questions related to the application process, please see the guide for applications below. For other questions, please send an e-mail to



Looking back at a year of election observation

Liberia, Kyrgyzstan and Honduras. Kenya, Kosovo and Nepal. Those are just a handful of the countries that have held elections during 2017, to which FBA has deployed election observers. “It has been an exciting year. And 2018 looks just as interesting, with forthcoming elections in Russia, Cambodia and Zimbabwe, only to name a few”, says Maja Tjernström who works with election observation at FBA.

2017-12-22 14:37

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Eldridge Adolfo

Eldridge Adolfo is expert on South Sudan, Colombia, Sierra Leone and preventive diplomacy

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