2017 Project Grants

In 2017, the following five projects were ganted funds from the FBA.

Parent’s Circle Families Forum (PCFF) 1 200 000 SEK

The funds will help financing the project “Engaging Women for Change”, aiming to promote and facilitate reconciliation between Palestinian and Israeli women at grassroots’ level. The goal of the project is building trust and promoting reconciliation to increase the prospects for future peace. Firstly, the project aims to promote equal participation and capacity of women in peacebuilding efforts. Secondly, the project aims to create a platform for inclusion of women in the public discourse with regard to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The project consists of a range of activities, including dialogue meetings and training.

Peace Direct 1 100 000 SEK

The funds will help financing the project “Empowering women affected by armed conflict to contribute to the peace process and become agents of change”. It aims to strengthen and facilitate participation of 200 female ex-combatants and wives of ex-combatants from the region of Mindanao, Philippines, in the peace process. To reach this goal, the project will support mobilization and registration of four women’s organizations, while also helping to build their internal capacity and organizational strength. Additionally, Peace Direct will work to increase the organizations’ capacity to participate in the peace process, both at the local and national level. This will be achieved through arranging a peace and security conference. The project has a strong local ownership and will be conducted by Peace Direct’s partner organization in the Philippines, Kamagogopa Incorporated.

Internationella kvinnoförbundet för fred och frihet (IKFF) 1 700 000 SEK

The funds will help financing the project “Promoting inclusive security – Women organizations as key actors in implementing UNSCR 1325 in Cameroon, DR Congo and Nigeria (Phase III)”. The project is a collaboration between IKFF and their sister organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and Cameroon. A large part of the project is focused on increasing women’s participation in peace processes, as well as increasing the protection of women through initiatives aimed at preventing conflict. The project further aims to strengthen women’s capacity in influencing and spreading information about peace initiatives at both local and national levels in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria. Furthermore, it will mobilize women to prevent violence in the upcoming elections. IKFF will, among other things, support their sister organizations through establishing a network of female mediators, organizing experiences-sharing workshops with the organizations, and creating a handbook about early warning systems for security threats against women.

Conciliation Resources 1 600 000 SEK

The funds will help financing the project “Women building peace: Supporting sustainable and full participation by women in community security and reconciliation in the borderlands of the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Central African Republic”. The project is a continuation of an earlier project financed by the FBA, and aims to increase women’s participation in the peace building process in the borderlands of the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Central African Republic. This will be achieved by educating identified women’s organizations and by organizing local dialogue meetings. The project will also work on initiatives against violence against women. These results will be achieved through spreading information and through advocacy and engagement with targeted decision makers.

Forum Syd is granted 2 000 000 SEK

The funds will help financing the project “Building a peaceful future: Increasing women’s participation in peace agreement implementation, peace building and maintenance in the department of Huila”. The project aims to promote the inclusion of women and women’s organizations when implementing the peace agreement in Colombia in the region of Huila. To achieve this, Forum Syd will strengthen three women’s organizations’ internal capacity and their ability to conduct efficient advocacy work, through tailor-made training in organization, leadership and strategic planning. The project includes dialogue meetings and conferences with other civil society actors and decision makers in Colombia, producing and spreading information material and campaigning.  

Project grants from previous years

Find out more about projects that have been granted funds during previous years.


New mission: peacebuilding in Myanmar

Myanmar has been plagued by civil war for over fifty years. In recent times, the violence has further escalated, with a humanitarian crisis as a consequence. FBA is now being tasked with peacebuilding in Myanmar.

2018-04-27 11:00

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This training manual has been developed to provide an introduction in Spanish to the policy framework on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325) and its follow-up resolutions on women, peace and security.

Gabriela Elroy



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    Challenges Forum: A platform for improving peace operations

    Recently I joined the team at the International Secretariat of the Challenges Forum, or to give its full name: The International Forum for the Challenges of Peace Operations. Challenges Forum, CF for short, is a global partnership of 49 leading organizations and departments working on peace operations, representing 22 countries from across all regions of the global North and South.

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