2016 Project Grants

In 2016, six projects were granted funds from the FBA.

Plan International Sweden SEK 1 000 000

These funds will finance the project “Women and Girls’ participation in local governance to end gender-based violence in Timor-Leste”. The project builds on a previous project founded by the FBA and aims to increase women’s participation in local decision-making bodies, decrease violence against women, and build capacity within local organizations. This will be done through education and information, distributed through radio and TV. The organization has identified gender-based violence as the main concern against women’s participation, therefore the focus of the project will be advocacy and information campaigns targeting both local and national leaders about gender-based violence to help promote women’s participation.

Conciliation Resources SEK 1 800 000

These funds will finance the project “Strengthening women’s roles in peace and security efforts in the border areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Central African Republic”. The aim of the project is to increase women’s participation in peacebuilding efforts in DR Congo, CAR and South Sudan on a local, national and cross-border level. The organization intends to carry out in-country participatory assessments to examine how women view their roles in peace efforts, specifically looking at obstacles to meaningful participation and how they view their specific needs in this context. The findings will be presented in three country-specific reports and the organization will also conduct a workshop to share the key findings. Based on the needs identified, the project aims to include targeted efforts to build capacity in three local women’s organisations. Through the project, the process will be documented in a multimedia project. The project will build capacity in communication and organization skills, but also make the material and key findings available to the participants with limited literacy.    

Operation 1325 SEK 600 000

These funds will finance the project “Medlingslabbet”, which aims to strengthen women as active peace mediators in conflict and post-conflict countries, which will lead to a more peaceful and more sustainable reconstruction of the societies. The project also aims towards a greater contextual understanding, and will therefore connect peace activists from different parts of the world with each other. This will be done by capacity-building of several women and peace organizations from the region of MENA and Colombia. During the project, a digital site for “Medlingslabbet” will be developed and launched to document and spread the experiences of the project.  

Kvinna till Kvinna SEK 1 200 000

These funds will finance the project “Methods, learning and sharing of experiences – next steps in working strategically with women, peace and security implementation”. The project aims to strengthen the capacity within Kvinna till Kvinna’s partner organizations, and their work with women, peace and security. The partner organizations for the project are operating in five different countries; DR Congo, Israel, Palestine, Georgia and Iraq. The focus of the project will be advocacy campaigns, experience-sharing and the life situation of women fighting for other women’s rights. This will be done through education and experience-sharing between the different organizations.

Internationella kvinnoförbundet för fred och frihet (IKFF) SEK 1 700 000

These funds will finance the project “Promoting inclusive security – women organizations as key actors in implementing UNSCR 1325 in Cameroon, DR Congo and Nigeria (Phase II)”. The project is a collaboration between IKFF and their sister organizations in DRC, Nigeria and Cameroon (WILPF sections) and aims to support the implementation of the UNSCR 1325. One of the main focuses of the project is to work with the concept “Women’s Situation Room”, aiming to increase women’s participation during election processes, both with regards to the number of female voters and the number of female candidates in the three countries. The organizations will conduct advocacy campaigns, education about UNSCR 1325, and discussions with political parties to increase the female nominations. IKFF will also support their sister organizations in the development of national reports on the implementation of UNSCR 1325, the organizations will then get a first-hand experience in how to collect, compile and present data. Additional capacity-building covers how to use information and communication technology (ICT) for more strategic advocacy work.

Centralasiengrupperna SEK 700 000

These funds will finance the project “Young women’s movement building and empowerment in post-conflict southern Kyrgyzstan”. The project aims to increase women’s participation in the south of Kirgizstan through strengthening local organizations, with education and capacity-building efforts. With help of education, workshops and network meetings concerning different thematic areas such as UNSCR 1325, human rights and security, Centralasiengrupperna will increase the knowledge and capacity of the organizations to work with these issues. There will also be opportunities of Training of Trainers in order to maintain and spread the knowledge and experience from the learning of the themes. The project will also involve the development of a support function for young women, in order to help them when conducting local peace initiatives.  

Project grants from previous years

Find out more about projects that have been granted funds during previous years.


New FBA assignment in Afghanistan

The Swedish government has commissioned FBA to increase its support to the peace process in Afghanistan, and to strengthen women’s participation therein, during the coming two years. “The security situation in Afghanistan is worsening but we will try to find effective and innovative ways to support a peaceful development”, says project leader Tobias Petrelius.

2018-04-12 13:35

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